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Alarm Systems

As a premier provider of the latest security systems and around the clock video verification and security system monitoring, we quietly protect homes, families, and businesses across the nation, 24/7/365. Every system is custom tailored and designed based on the goals and budgets of the project and objectives. Rest assured knowing that your family and possessions are protected whether you are home or not.

Asset Tracking and Management

Take advantage of technology to track and manage your physical assets. Security Solutions offers RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) systems for your asset management needs.

GPS is used to track assets globally using the GPS Satellite System. Systems are also available that utilize Cellular Networks. With these systems assets can be tracked and located virtually anywhere in the world.


One of the most powerful tools in the technology world tool box, Cameras give us the ability to see anything, anywhere, at any time. Cameras are a tool that help reduce crime, protect people and property but they can also add many aspects of fun and convenience.

We design, install, maintain, and upgrade a wide range of camera technologies to meet customers specific needs and budgets. From large commercial enterprises to home residential living our integrated approach to design with exceed your expectations.

Our passion for this technology has awarded us the trust of and responsibility of protecting and servicing critical applications in industrial, retail, fortune 500 companies with diverse world wide operations but nothing more critical than the trust to protect our clients homes and families.

Central Station Monitoring

Our state of the art redundant monitoring Centers are without a doubt the most advanced and secure facilities in the world.

Security Solutions takes monitoring to another level. Our law enforcement professionals review and evaluate event reports on a daily basis, offering expertise and knowledge that has made us the premier provider of round the clock video verification, fire, and burglary alarm monitoring services.

Access Control

Simply put, access control restricts or grants entrance to a property or place to authorized persons. Once accomplished with a lock and a key, technology now allows a variety of solutions; keypads, card readers, biometrics, and app based control from anywhere in the world.

Our staff of retired law enforcement professionals can assess your surroundings then design an access control system that is not only convenient but with actual investigative expertise from real world threats

Video Verification Monitoring

“Video Verification is the use of captured video or real-time video in which the video information or recording is aligned with the action that initiated an alarm event to assist in determining the protocol to be followed for the alarm event.” (CSAA – Central Station Alarm Association).

Once only used for special applications due to the cost involved, Video Verification (VV) is now more affordable and a popular option for home and business monitoring systems. When an alarm is triggered, our operators view a live feed from the cameras. This not only reduces costly false alarms, it enhances the response time from law enforcement. Crimes in-progress are dispatched as “priority one” calls, whereas burglar alarms are often dispatched as “priority three.” Technological advances now allow you receive real time notifications and view your cameras remotely from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.