When you hear the word rhythm, you think of music and dancing, but rhythm refers to cycles.  The human body has a cycle called circadian rhythm.  It is the internal clock that the human mind works around.  It is a 24-hour cycle.  Research has shown that our circadian rhythm is triggered by daylight.  Our bodies and minds depend upon experiencing the changing daylight throughout the day from sunrise to sunset.  However, most of us spend the majority of the day in our workplace.  Many offices have no direct access to windows to provide daylight and views.  Studies have shown that workplaces with windows have 15 percent higher productive output than workplaces without.  Windows in the workplace are important for the productivity of your staff and you.  However, there are times of day when the sun is glaring.  These are times when commercial window shadesare needed.

I was recently in a doctor’s office where the exam room had a huge window with cheap venetian blinds.  I was pretty much on display for everyone in the parking lot while undergoing a medical examination.  This is a place where windows are not needed and commercial roller shades would have been preferred for privacy.  Modern boardrooms often have windows out into the larger office space, however many meetings require privacy.  Commercial shades can be employed on interior windows to provide needed privacy for those important meetings.  Schools like offices are an environment where natural light and views are necessary for the productivity of students, but again, there are times of day when the sun, and certain views, are more of a distraction.  Commercial window shades can be deployed to eliminate the distraction and help students focus on their work.  Windows in hotels and restaurants help to give guests a greater sense of hominess.  They open views out onto the many amenities like pools and golf courses that attract guests to stay with you in the first place.  However, just as in the home, commercial window treatments are still required for when guests need shade and privacy.  In the retail environment, you often don’t have much say in the windows.  There are usually lots of them, big ones.  Commercial blinds and shades can help shield your products from damaging UV light.

Of course, if your concern is productivity, you don’t want workers fiddling with window shades throughout the day or office disputes over when they should be deployed like those office thermostat disputes.  Motorized commercial shades can be automated to eliminate human intervention.  At times of day when the sun is especially bright, the motorized shades will automatically lower to eliminate glare, and automatically open again to maximize productivity.  After all, commercial window shades don’t just eliminate glare.  They also minimize infrared radiation (heat buildup) from the sun.  With automated motorized shades, commercial window shades deploy at the optimum times for both increased productivity and decreased energy consumption, which helps your bottom line two-fold.

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