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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The sensory impact of video is greater than any other. Video adds an additional dimension to any experience, whether it is watching a film in a dedicated home theater, watching a live concert in the multi-purpose family room theater, or watching the big game on your outdoor television by the pool. Video puts you in the middle of the action. Video should be vibrant with color and rich with detail. Achieving professional video in the home or office requires a lot of planning, back-end equipment, and professional installation.

Akasa handles your home or office video installation end-to-end, from design, to acquisition, to collaboration, to installation, to calibration, and to client training. Akasa’s design engineer with over 10 years of experience will ensure your video installation incorporates all the back-end infrastructure necessary to bring bright color and detail to your video system. Akasa will provide all the necessary documentation to you and your other trades to ensure a successful installation. Akasa collaborates with your architect, contractor, interior designer, electrician, cabinet maker, and other trades for a smooth integration of your video systems. Akasa will run all necessary video wiring through your home or office to provide the infrastructure. Akasa will set up all video electronics in our state-of-the-art laboratory and test your video systems before implementing on-site. Akasa will then be on-site minimally for installation to reduce any disruption to your daily life or business operations. Before Akasa leaves, our skilled technicians will calibrate and test all video systems and provide you with a tutorial on system operations so you understand how your system works.

Whether you are looking for a wireless home theater to avoid drywall damage in your existing home or you are looking for a ground up dedicated home theater, Akasa has solutions for you. Of course, Akasa provides high-end video equipment, such as home theater projectors, projection screens, video distribution matrix switchers, video processors, televisions, digital signage, professional video displays and monitors. What sets Akasa apart is the professional design, installation, and service that comes with years of experience and a passion for our work.

If you are looking for a dedicated home theater, look no further than Akasa. Akasa and our dedicated home theater design professional partners will collaborate with your designer to incorporate all of our video equipment with all of the cabinetry and fabrics that meet your aesthetic and experiential requirements. More interested in gaming than movies? Akasa will tailor your video system to meet your specific requirements.

If you are looking for video conferencing in your boardroom, look no further than Akasa. Akasa specializes not only in residential video installations, but also in commercial video installations from the office to retail and hospitality environments. We will integrate the cameras, speakers, video displays, and other video infrastructure for a clean, simple, reliable, and affordable video conferencing system in your boardroom. The Akasa difference? We will incorporate motorized shades and control for an integrated video system that is simple to use and intuitive.

Whatever your video needs, home theater, video distribution, video conferencing, or digital signage, Akasa has the solution for you in the home or office. Akasa provides video system design, installation, calibration, and service. We don’t disappear the day after we complete the installation. Akasa will be there a month after installation, 90 days later, a year later…we are still here for our clients more than a decade later. When your video system needs service, Akasa will be there. Contact Akasa today and don’t forget to ask about our customer care plans.

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