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Energy powers your environment, your body, and your mind. Energy is vitality. Energy is life. When thinking about technology in the home or office, often, very little thought is given to the power that drives those technologies. All energy is not created equal. Consider food. Some foods are better than others for powering your body. Likewise, some power sources are better than other to power the technology in your home or business. Whether the concern is what your power source is, such as solar power, how that energy is managed for optimum efficiency, or how that energy affects your wellness, energy management systems require a lot of planning, back-end electronics, and professional installation.

Akasa handles your home or office energy management installation end-to-end, from design, to acquisition, to collaboration, to installation, and to client training. Akasa’s LEED accredited design engineer with over 10 years of experience will ensure your energy management installation incorporates all the back-end infrastructure necessary to bring balance to your energy network. Akasa will provide all the necessary documentation to you and your other trades to ensure a successful installation. Akasa collaborates with your architect, contractor, electrician, and other trades for a smooth integration of your energy systems. Akasa will set up all energy management electronics in our state-of-the-art laboratory and test your energy management systems before implementing on-site. Akasa will then be on-site minimally for installation to reduce any disruption to your daily life or business operations. Before Akasa leaves, our skilled technicians will calibrate and test all energy management systems and provide you with a tutorial on system operations so you understand how your system works.

Whether you are looking for solar panels to offset your energy demand or you are looking for thermal management in your equipment room, Akasa has solutions for you. Of course, Akasa provides high-end energy management equipment, such as solar panels, uninterruptible power supplies, power conditioners, all-in-one electrical panels, cooling systems, and networking equipment, such as routers, access points, gateways, and network controllers. What sets Akasa apart is the professional design, installation, and service that comes with years of experience and a passion for our work.

If you are looking for a whole-house energy management system, look no further than Akasa. Akasa and our dedicated electrical design professional partners will collaborate with your electrician and tailor your energy management system to meet your specific requirements. An all-in-one electrical panel, combined with a network-connected power conditioner will monitor and manage your energy systems.

If you are looking for a robust computer networking system, look no further than Akasa. Akasa designs custom network systems to meet the unique challenges of your networking environment to ensure even network coverage and strength. Fulkra gives special consideration to managing the many network connected devices in modern smart homes and high-tech offices to ensure devices are being handed off from access point to access point without dropping signal. Akasa will install network cabling, and networking equipment. Akasa will test and verify your networking systems as we do with all systems we install. Akasa will further create a plan for servicing your system, including remote monitoring and automatic power cycling.

If you are looking for Vastu Shastra consultations, look no further than Akasa. Akasa’s in-house Vastu Shastra expert was trained in India by a MahaVastu master, and has even given seminars in kinesiology. We will evaluate your space, home or office, for any energy conflicts, which may be impeding your personal progress. We will diagnose trouble areas. We will further prescribe simple solutions and provide remedies to bring the energy in your space into balance.

Whatever your energy needs, solar power, computer networking, energy management & monitoring, energy conservation, thermal management, or Vastu Shastra, Akasa has the solution for you in the residential or commercial environment. Akasa provides energy  system design, installation, and service. We don’t disappear the day after we complete the installation. Akasa will be there a month after installation, 90 days later, a year later…we are still here for our clients more than a decade later. When your energy system needs service, Akasa will be there. Contact Akasa today and don’t forget to ask about our customer care plans.

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