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Whether workplace safety or home security, security and surveillance systems safeguard you, your family, your workers, and your belongings against those who would harm them or take them from you. The best offense is a good defense. Achieving security and surveillance systems in the home or office requires a lot of planning, back-end equipment, and professional installation.

Akasa handles your home or office security installation end-to-end, from design, to acquisition, to collaboration, to installation, and to client training. Akasa’s design engineer with over 10 years of experience will ensure your security installation incorporates all the back-end infrastructure necessary to protect you and what matters most to you. Akasa will provide all the necessary documentation to you and your other trades to ensure a successful installation. Akasa collaborates with your architect, contractor, interior designer, electrician, and other trades for a smooth integration of your security systems. Akasa will run all necessary security wiring through your home or office to provide the infrastructure. Akasa will set up all security electronics in our state-of-the-art laboratory and test your security systems before implementing on-site. Akasa will then be on-site minimally for installation to reduce any disruption to your daily life or business operations. Before Akasa leaves, our skilled technicians will test all security systems and provide you with a tutorial on system operations so you understand how your system works.

Whether you are concerned about known or unknown threats, Akasa has solutions for you. Of course, Akasa provides high-end security equipment, such as wired and wireless burglar alarms, motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass break detectors, sirens and strobes, megapixel IP CCTV cameras, NVRs, and access controllers. What sets Akasa apart is the professional threat assessments, investigations, system design, installation, and service that comes with years of experience and a passion for our work.

If you are looking for home security, look no further than Akasa. Akasa will collaborate with your contractor to incorporate all of our security equipment with all of the technology in your home to meet your lifestyle requirements. Want to monitor your security video cameras from your smartphone anywhere in the world with an internet connection? Akasa has you covered. Want to arm and disarm you alarm system from your smartphone? Akasa can do that. Want to access your office with a key card? Akasa will secure your office with door strikes and access controllers. Further, our systems are monitored 24/7/365 at a secure central monitoring station.

If you are looking for a private investigation, look no further than Akasa. Akasa specializes not only in residential and commercial security technology, but also in personal and corporate safety. We offer threat assessments, investigations, employee criminal background checks, personal protection, and asset tracking. The Akasa difference? Akasa has former law enforcement on staff to do  sensitive high security work.

Whatever your security needs, burglary alarm, video cameras, CCTV recording, alarm monitoring, video verification monitoring, threat assessments, background checks, or private investigations, Akasa has the solution for you in the home or business. Akasa provides security system design, installation, and service. We don’t disappear the day after we complete the installation. Akasa will be there a month after installation, 90 days later, a year later…we are still here for our clients more than a decade later. When your security system needs service, Akasa will be there. Contact Akasa today and don’t forget to ask about our customer care plans.






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